Back in March 2009 I was bored and in need of a challenge. I saw the Great Scottish Run being advertised in Glasgow Herald and though this could be it. But to be honest the thought of training for it by myself didn’t exactly have me jumping up and down with excitement. I wanted to get others involved.

So I text five friends, who were novice runners, saying ‘fancy getting fit this summer and taking part in a fun run?’ All five replied saying yes. So we organised to meet up a couple of times per week and I planned various sessions’ that would keep training fun and keep us motivated.

Come September we ended up with 4 of us taking part in the 10k and 2 in the half marathon. The race itself was challenging and would have been a real slog had it not been for the encouragement we gave each other on the day and during our 6 months training together.

Over a post race drink the other five said how much of a high they got from completing the run and felt that they could now call themselves ‘runners’. At that moment I realised how much I’d enjoyed using my knowledge and experience to help them develop a running habit and how there must be lots of other would be runners who would benefit from my programmes and support.

In October 2009 the Killie Striders fun running group was founded and has been helping others experience the awesome runners high ever since.